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Bad Smells In My House - Sell My House In Eugene Oregon - 541.780.5339
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Are you dealing with funky smells on a house that you’re trying to sell? Well, unfortunately the smell of house is a huge factor in whether a buyer will make you an offer or not. Simply if a house does not smell good, it’s not going to sell very fast. So whether it’s coming from the kitchen, the carpet, you’re dealing with mold or pet odor, we’ve got to freshen up your house, and here are a few tips to do that. The first thing is to find the source. Is it coming from the walls or the ceiling? Maybe it is coming from the carpet or the kitchen. Wherever it is, we’ve got to find it because this is the first step in fixing it. The next thing is that you try using an odor removal item. So things like coffee grounds, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, these things can all help neutralize a smell depending on where it’s coming from.

Next is you try using an odor blocking primer. An odor blocking primer can help with smells coming from the wall or the ceiling, and it can really help block in those bad smells. The next thing is a really good carpet cleaning. So you can rent a carpet cleaner or buy one. And this goes a really long way, especially when you’re dealing with pet odors. If all of this sounds like a little bit too much work or too much hassle, give us a call. We buy houses in your area for cash as is, and we can close in two weeks. Good luck.
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