How Do I Get Paid When I Sell My House

How Do I get Paid when I sell My House - Sell Your House Quick in Eugene Oregon - House Buyers
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What’s going on YouTube family? Today, we’re talking about how you get paid when you sell to a real estate investor. All right, guys, let’s jump right into it. And we’re talking about how you get paid when you sell your house to a real estate investor. Well, you get paid just like any of us, with a large 10 by four check on a stage, dropped off by the media, because that’s how it’s done. Right? I’m just kidding guys. So when you’re talking about selling your house to a real estate investor, it’s no different in the way that you get paid than it is selling it with a real estate agent or through a real estate attorney or any other way like that. What should be happening is if you’re selling to a real estate investor, they should be above board, they should be clear on everything that’s going to happen, you should know exactly how the process is going to work. And typically, when it comes to the financing part or the funds part, everything is going to be done through escrow.

So escrow is a third party. They’re going to manage all the money that’s coming from the buyer, the investor, to you, the seller, everything should go there. They shouldn’t drop off suitcases full of cash, and they shouldn’t be expecting anything from you in terms of payment or money or checks, nothing like that. Basically escrow will get wired the funds from the investor.

Once everything closes, escrow will typically give you an option if you want the funds wired to your bank account, or if you would like a check from the escrow company or title company, or the attorney, that you can go drop off at the bank, depending on your transaction and your style, that’s completely up to you, but there is no 10 foot paychecks or suitcases full of cash. It’s pretty standard and any real estate investor that does otherwise, you should be very wary. And if they try to get you to pay them anything, head for the hills. That’s it today guys. You guys have any questions or comments, leave them below and we will get to them. Hit the like button, hit the subscribe… No, no, sorry. Smash the like button, smash the subscribe button. And then we’ll be back with you guys later.

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