How Do I Sell An Inherited Property?

How Do I Sell An Inherited Property? Sell your house Quick - Windmill Valley Properties -
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Robert: What’s going on, YouTube family? Robert here with Windmill Valley Properties. And today we’re talking about how, or can you, sell a house that you’ve inherited?

All right. Let’s jump right into it guys. Today, we’re talking about how, or if you can, sell a house that you inherited. And again, like a lot of my videos, the answer is yes or it depends. Those are really the two options that I usually give you. But in this case, yes, you can sell a house that you’ve inherited and you can… Or how to sell it, it’s pretty standard. So depending on how you inherited the property, whether you inherited it yourself, your parents or family members, or someone, your wife, spouse, husband, someone left it to you in some fashion or another, and you’re the sole inheritor. It’s basically up to you what you want to do with it at that point. You can sell it as a traditional home sale with a real estate agent. If it’s been vacant for a while, you can sell it to an investor.

So yes. Things do get a little bit tricky though. If you inherited the house as part of a trust or as a group of people, say the kids or your siblings, all inherited one house that your parents may have left to you when they passed away, or uncle, or aunt, or somebody like that. So things do get a little bit tricky at that point. You will want to talk to an attorney or somebody more knowledgeable in the laws of the transaction at that point, but it’s still possible to sell it. Typically, there will be a trustee, somebody that’s in control of that trust, that will have stuff they’re supposed to do for that trust. But yes, if you’ve inherited a house and you’re thinking about selling it, call us, we can buy it from you. And then if you guys have any questions or comments below, share this with your friends, smash the like button, smash the subscribe button. That word’s getting difficult to say. And then we’ll check in with you guys later.

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