We can help you sell your property – Eugene Oregon – 541-780-5339

We can help you sell your property - Eugene Oregon - 541-780-5339
Hey, guys. Robert here with Windmill Valley Properties. We’re leaving a new property we just bought from a seller. I’m pretty happy with this one. Let me tell you about it. This seller has been looking to sell for a while. They talked to a couple investors. I’ve actually gotten a little bit higher prices, but we were able to lock this deal up, because one, we built likability and trust with our clients. We went over there, and we talked to them. We had a conversation with them. We just tried to find out what was going on, what was happening in their lives that they were looking to move. I just took the time to find out if we could be useful. After our conversation, we started talking more real estate, and they let me know at that time they had other offers. They told me what the offers were. I told them that I couldn’t offer as much, but I did have some solutions for the problems they were looking for.

This seller was looking to move a couple months in the future. They wanted to be able to have money to look for their new house without having to be forced out of their current home. Basically, they were looking to not have to sell, and be into a new house within 30 days. None of the other offers that were on the table gave them any options. They were either pay cash, get them out right away, or really that was it. We let them know that we’re happy to buy it from them. We can’t pay as much, but we were willing to give them what they call a leaseback, or rent it back to them. That way they would have the money in their pocket to find a new home, a smaller home, that’s basically what they were looking for, and that we would just rent it back to them at less than what they were currently paying for their mortgage, while they were looking. They didn’t know these options existed.

There are thousands of buyers out there like this. Or sellers, I should say, like this that don’t know these options exist. There are ways that we can make the deal work for you when you think you’re in a tough spot, or have no other options. Give us a call. We might be able to help you out. We might be able to help you get your home sold. If we don’t buy it, there might be other options out there for you. We’re always going to give those to you. We’ll let you know when you’re going to make the most amount of money, or how you’re going to do it. If it’s not through us we’re okay with that. As long as you get what you’re looking for, that’s what we’re in business to do.

Give us a call. Windmill Valley Properties, or find us on our website www.selltowmvp.com. We look forward to helping you guys out.
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