What Is A Real Estate Investor?

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Robert: Hey guys, Robert here with Windmill Valley Properties. And today we’re talking about what is a real estate investor.

So let’s jump right into it. Real estate investor, what does that mean? Well, to be honest, it could mean a lot of things. A real estate investor, in short though, is essentially somebody that uses capital, either theirs or somebody else, to invest in real estate to make a profit or for a business. That’s essentially what we do.

And there are all kinds of real estate investors. You have fix and flippers that buy houses that need work. They fix them up and then resell them. We’ve got small apartment investors that buy duplexes and triplexes and that kind of stuff, because they want the cash flow. Then you’ve got your big-time real estate investors that will buy apartment buildings or shopping malls or big buildings like that. So really, a real estate investor could be a lot of things.

It could even be, for example, if you’re not that into getting your hands dirty or being on the front lines, being a flipper or dealing with the day-to-day of property management, you could be a money lender. They’re still real estate investors. They’re investing their money into real estate or somebody that’s investing it into real estate. So it could be a developer. You could be buying plots of land and building brand new buildings or construction on it.

So when you hear the term real estate investor, it could actually be a lot of different things. Your most common real estate investor though, is going to be your fix and flippers or your small homeowners that rent it out or small multifamily owners, your triplexes, your quadruplexes, stuff like that.

So that’s essentially what a real estate investor is. If you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, put them below, hit the like button and subscribe. Share this with your friends. I’ll check in with you guys another day.

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